You were once a craftsman. You may have studied under the tutelage of a blacksmith, armorer, or even as an Altherian architect. After applying your trade for a few years, you decided to strike out on a life of adventure. Maybe you seek to learn new techniques or hope to study under the tutelage of a master craftsman, or perhaps you simply left the quiet life behind, finding you enjoy swinging a sword more than you do a blacksmith’s hammer.

If you are a dwarf, you are currently an apprentice to one of the master smiths or master craftsmen of your Enclave. As part of your training, you are sent out into the world to search out new techniques among the younger, innovative races, or search out lost methods of crafting from the many ancient ruins that dot the Known Lands.

Social Class: Commoner class; elorii do not have a social class structure.

Minimum Age: 60 (dwarf), 25 (any other)

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, History

Tool Proficiencies: Any one artisan’s tools

Languages: Choose any one language

Literacy: You are literate

Equipment: A set of artisan’s tools (your choice), a set of traveler’s clothes, and a backpack containing a folio with 5 sheets of parchment, an ink pen and a bottle of ink.

Feature: An Eye for Worth
Your training has given you a good sense for the value of objects and the quality of their construction. By examining an item for 10 minutes, you can determine its worth in gold pieces and whether it is an antique or some exotic item. Your GM may ask for an Intelligence check, possibly using a set of artisan’s tools related to the item, if you are examining something truly unique.

Variant Feature: Master’s Respect
Your tutelage under your master may imbue you with a measure of the respect he has earned in certain situations. When interacting with craftsmen in the same or a similar field as yours, they are more likely to provide aid and services, perhaps at a discounted price or in exchange for services from you.

Apprentice Personality Traits (d6)

1 I have spent years working the forge to create the “perfect item” to lift the curse from my people. I seek new experiences and sights to inspire me so that I may succeed where so many others have failed. (dwarf)
2 To the eyes of the eternal people, mortal artistry is flawed and crude. (elorii)
3 I find it difficult to stop working on a project, as there’s always some small imperfection to fix.
4 I am intensely curious about how things work, and I can often be found examining objects closely.
5 Whenever I come across another artisan, I hound them for details about their process.
6 Failure of any kind is frustrating. The smallest setback enrages me.

Apprentice Ideals (d6)

1 Perfection: The flaws of the natural world should be improved on.
2 Creativity: Finding new ways to solve a problem makes the world a better place.
3 Beauty: Art should exist for its own sake.
4 Logic: Steel doesn’t care how you feel about it, only how well you can forge it.
5 Self-Improvement: Practice makes permanent, not perfect.
6 Respect:My craft speaks for itself.

Apprentice Bonds (d6)

1 My master and the shop where I learned my craft are my home.
2 I have yet to create my masterpiece. I must do that to truly call myself a master of my craft.
3 I owe my master a great debt for making me who I am today.
4 I will have revenge on my master’s killer.
5 Someday I will create something that will earn my master’s respect. Someday.
6 My master was cruel and stole my best work from me, taking credit for it. Someday, I’ll have my revenge.

Apprentice Flaws (d6)

1 My work is never good enough. I can always find a flaw that makes the whole piece worthless.
2 I can always find a flaw that makes the whole piece worthless.
3 I am impatient, and I make simple mistakes that hamper my efforts.
4 I am always striving for techniques and skills that are beyond my ability.
5 I ignore simple solutions in favor of more complicated ones.
6 I will do practically anything for the chance of learning some new skill or technique My skills are focused on my craft, not on dealing well with others.