There are no national or racial restrictions on Heroes who wish to take the Path of the Berserker. However, the Path of the Totem Warrior is only taken by barbarians from tribal societies like the Hinterlands or the areas outside cities in the Blessed Lands.

Barbarians are found throughout many of the uncivilized lands of Arcanis. Their appearance and beliefs are as varied as their cultures, but not all barbarians are found out in the savage wastes. Some are simply common folk with really bad tempers, and they can be found anywhere!

During the Mythic Age, the time before the God’s War when those perfect beings lived amongst Their human children, the Lords Nier and Hurrian campaigned against the Titans and Elder Beings from Beyond the Thirteen Spheres. Lord Hurrian was young in those days and the godling was as reckless, headstrong and self-righteous as his brother, obsessed with proving he was as mighty a warrior as his elder brother.

After a particularly vicious battle with one of the spawn of the Elder Beings, the red haze lifted from Hurrian’s sight and he beheld the devastation He and His brother had wrought. He was stunned as He saw the hundreds of acres of virgin forest, now toppled as if by a giant child’s tantrum, the green pasture lands burned to ash and cracked, and the grief etched in the grime streaked faces of the humans of the area, sobbing uncontrollably for those who had died for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

He looked to His brother Nier to assuage his doubts, seeking some affirmation as to the righteousness of Their actions, but saw only satisfaction and a fanatical gleam shining in his bloodshot eyes. Nier looked at the battlefield as a canvas upon which he painted in blood red colors and the hues of anguish, death and destruction.

Hurrian felt bile spill into His mouth as Lord Nier clapped Him on the shoulder. “Rejoice brother. The enemy has been vanquished and We are victorious! You should be proud of Your actions here. You fell upon the enemy with a holy rage to match mine.”

But it was not pride that Lord Hurrian felt but shame that His loss of control was the cause of so much misery and heartache. He fled away from the battlefield and did not stop until He reached the far northern shore. A huge tempest had blown in from the sea, its black raindrops mixing with His own tears and His roar of distress keening over the gale force winds.

Yarris, Lord of the oceans and the churning tides rose before Him. “What distresses You so, son of My brother? I see a raging turmoil within You, as black and roiling as the mightiest of My hurricanes.”

“Lord Yarris,” Hurrian said kneeling before the Sea Lord, “I have within Me such anger and fury that it threatens to drive Me to drink from the same well of madness as My brother Nier.

I will not be Him. I will not allow myself to fall willingly into that state where every blow is a lover’s kiss and the splatter of blood a benediction. I understand that war and battle is necessary, but the sword should be raised only when all other courses of action have failed and even then, a blow should be struck judiciously. But I fear that the next time I must campaign against the horrors that still dwell in the shadows, I will be tempted to unleash My fury upon the foe and bring woe to the innocent.”

Yarris contemplated the young god’s dilemma. “The answer is clear. You must divest yourself of these furies that dwell within You. Be rid of Your raging passions and Your thoughts will always be under Your control.”

Seeing the wisdom in the Sea Lord’s words, Hurrian reached deep within Himself. Six Furies emerged from His breast and struggled fiercely in His grasp. A calm fell upon Hurrian at that moment and He looked upon the essence of wrath dispassionately. Nodding sagely to His Uncle, Hurrian tossed five of the furies to the roiling tempest but replaced one back into his breast and said to it, “You give a warrior courage and strength when all else is lost, but too much anger will blind the wisest of men. When Our children call upon you, grant them your power, but fly back to the storm when your need is done.”

—- Scroll VII of the Path of the Warrior by Fulminos val’Tensen
Furies are found throughout many of the less civilized regions of the Known Lands. Their appearance and beliefs are as varied as their cultures, but not all of them are found in the savage wastes. Some furies are simply common folk, possessing a wild fighting spirit with little in the way of martial training.