You may have been just a hired thug, watching the back of those who could pay your price, or maybe you worked for an affluent merchant family. Alternatively, you may have walked the halls of nobility, watching the shadows for an assassin’s dagger. You have always watched over others, but now find yourself without work or released from service.

Social Class: Commoner class

Minimum Age: 60 (dwarf), 25 (any other)

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Perception

Weapon Proficiencies: Choose one martial weapon of your choice

Languages: Choose any two languages

Literacy: You are not literate

Equipment: A mess kit, a set of traveler’s clothes, a signal whistle and a pouch with 20 gp.

Feature: Reputation for Tenacity
Your reputation as a dogged guardian proceeds you. When speaking with potential patrons who may be likely to be aware of your past employment, they are more likely to accept your service and favorably so. Likewise, less stouthearted assailants aware of your reputation may be less likely to press their luck against you.

Variant Feature: Retinue
You are adept at fading into the background behind your ward, being unobtrusive while maintaining your watch. If you are with others, and if no one is actively looking at your group, you can generally find your way to the back of the group and slip in unnoticed wherever they are headed. It is not that you are hidden, you simply do not stand out.

Bodyguard Personality Traits (d6)

1 I always make sure that I have a clear line of sight on the exits of a room.
2 I almost never turn my back on someone, unless I trust them completely.
3 I am constantly cleaning my weapons or gear while resting. Preparation is key.
4 Anytime I receive money as a reward I make sure to count it later, in private.
5 I have trained myself to examine a room or area for any possible ambush points or possible hiding spots that an assassin could use.
6 I always have a weapon on me somewhere, even in the bath.

Bodyguard Ideals (d6)

1 Duty: Once I have taken a job, I give my all to complete it.
2 Honor: I live and die by my reputation, so I make sure to keep it intact.
3 Devotion: My skills are not for sale, they are freely given to members of my religion, high-ranking citizens from my home nation, or prominent members of my race.
4 Practicality: Fancy armor and gilded weapons mean nothing to an assassin.
5 Restraint: Not every threat needs to be met with lethal force.
6 Merciless: The best way to ensure that an assassin won’t try again is to remove them, permanently.

Bodyguard Bonds (d6)

1 I failed to protect someone once. Never again.
2 I am loyal to my charge above all else.
3 When the time came to pay up, my employer skipped town instead. I will find them and get my money.
4 I am prepared to give my life for someone I am protecting.
5 Magic is a difficult thing to guard against. I am always looking for new ways to defend against magical attacks.
6 A family member was once taken by a Harvester of Ymandragore. I won’t let anyone else suffer that fate.

Bodyguard Flaws (d6)

1 I don’t have any skills beyond guarding someone.
2 I consider everyone a threat. Everyone.
3 I will not eat or drink anything I didn’t prepare.
4 I treat everything as a business deal, always asking what’s in it for me.
5 I can never hold on to wealth. The moment I get paid I spend it all.
6 I like following orders and being told what to do. It means I don’t have to think.