5th-level necromancy
Secret Spell: Faithful of Neroth
Casting Time: 10 minutes
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M (a pair of 50 gp silver bracers which are put on the body’s wrists and are not consumed by the casting of the spell.)
Duration: Instantaneous

You touch the body of a creature who was murdered within the last 10 hours and utter an oath of vengeance, empowering the soul’s discarded intellect and infusing it with your lord’s power.

You raise the touched creature as a revenant intent on seeking down and killing the person who caused their death. If your target was aware of the attack and saw the face or know the name of their killer, they will use their innate abilities to hunt them down. Otherwise they will look to you for guidance.

The revenant’s respite from death is short-lived. It has a number of days equal to your level to find and kill its murderer. Once the time has elapsed, or when the revenant wills it, the revenant instantly decays and turns to dust. The revenant’s equipment, clothing, and the bracers used as the material component of this spell remain.