Through either years of travel or by growing up in a center of trade and culture, you have been exposed to many peoples and societies, discovering ways to get along and fit in. Your ears can separate and identify a dozen languages and dialects, your nose a hundred different scents, and your palette as many spices. Just one of the many benefits of living in a cosmopolitan melting pot, like the First City.

Nationality: Any, with exception of those races listed below

Race: Any except elorii, dwarf, or ss’ressen

Social Class: Commoner class

Skill Proficiencies: History, and either Deception or Persuasion

Tool Proficiencies: None

Languages: Any three languages

Literacy: You are literate

Equipment: A set of common clothing, a small knife, belt pouch, and 5gp

Feature: The First City is My Home
You can never get lost in the reclaimed areas of the First City. You always know your location, how to get to where you need to be, and are always able to find a place to sleep and a meal to eat. You are also privy to all the latest rumors and aware of who the current movers and shakers in the City are, though how they came to their lofty position is not known to you beyond rumors and gossip.

Alternately, you may choose the Commoner or Indistinguishably Common features from the Peasant/ Plebian background.

Child of the Crossroads Personality Traits (d6)

1 I drop names of famous people I’ve met or pretend to have met.
2 It takes a lot to make me lose my cheerful disposition.
3 If I meet someone from a place I’ve never heard of, I’ll pester them with questions about EVERYTHING.
4 I pick up a small token or souvenir from every new place I visit.
5 I always volunteer to cook for my fellow travelers and make exotic dishes with unusual ingredients or spices.
6 I try to teach my friends new words or etiquette they may not know and won’t take no for an answer.

Child of the Crossroads Ideals (d6)

1 Curiosity: There’s a Narapan in the First City? I’ve never heard of them. Is Narapan the name of their race or their nationality? Do they dress differently? I wonder if they bend their knee to the Gods?
2 Tolerance: I meet a lot of different people and races, with different ways of doing things and knowing that there isn’t a right way to do things, whether it’s cooking or worshiping the Gods, makes it easier to get along with others.
3 Sense of Wonder: Beyond every mountain range or bend of a river, there’s something new to take your breath away.
4 Linguist: Knowing what people are saying, especially in different languages, is like music to my ears. Plus it makes it easy to eavesdrop if they don’t think you know what they’re saying.
5 Wanderlust: There’s a whole world out there to discover. I can’t stay put in one place for long.
6 Friendliness: A kind word and a smile will take you further than all the gold in the world.

Child of the Crossroads Bonds (d6)

1 Growing up on the streets of the First City was hard, but the Coryani legionnaires looked after me, taking me on as their mascot. I’d do anything to help them.
2 I first traveled out of my small village by joining a caravan. While those days are behind me, I am always willing to help a caravan master.
3 While traveling across the Blessed Lands, I was chased for days by a group of slavers who cared little that I was an imperial citizen when they captured me.Though I escaped before I could be sold, my hate for slavers and the slave trade remains.
4 The Ardakene apothecary in the First City is kind to human children and taught a few of us the odd ways of elorii medicine. Their use of needles at key points across the body to relieve pain is extraordinary and is what led me to the path of the healer as an adult.
5 The more I learn of the different ways the Gods are worshipped across the continent, the more convinced I am that there is a great secret waiting to be revealed if I can just put the pieces together.
6 My sibling went into the Uncleansed Area and never returned. To stop his shade from haunting me, I need to join an expedition and recover his body for a proper burial.

Child of the Crossroads Flaws (d6)

1 I get along with most people, except for the (blank), who are lower than a dog’s belly.
2 I keep traveling from place to place because I find it difficult to sustain lasting relationships.
3 If I don’t know a fact about a particular culture or people’s history, I make it up.
4 I refuse to eat the food or dress in the style of my nation or people of birth, and instead adopted an exotic culture’s customs.
5 I look down at those who are uncultured.
6 I ridicule those who have not traveled far from their place of birth or speak only one language.