“Friend! I couldn’t possibly let you leave without this treasure! Pulled from the lost temple of Larissa, recently discovered and brought back at quite the expense. Said to have resided within the sacred fountain from which all luck springs, THIS tarnished copper is worth FAR more than gold. For you - a mere 30 silver. I guarantee a change in your luck for the better!”

Nationality: Any

Race: Any

Social Class: Commoner class

Tool Proficiency: Disguise kit, forgery kit Literacy: You are literate

Equipment: A set of fine clothes, a set of plain clothes, a disguise kit, and a belt pouch containing 15 gp

Feature: Hidden Identity
You have left your former life behind and now you work hard creating aliases you can take on at a moment’s notice, each with detailed background stories, connections, and a list of acquaintances. Even with these precautions, you run the risk of bumping into either a target of one of your previous scams or worse, someone from your previous life.

Con Artist Personality Traits (d6)

1 Lying comes easier to me than telling the truth. I can’t help myself.
2 I separate people into two groups – marks and everyone else.
3 I need to wear whatever is in style and keep myself well-groomed. No one is going to buy a con from someone who looks like they haven’t bathed in a month.
4 I learned to fake sincerity very early in my life.
5 I’m always friendly to everyone. Marks are easier to con if they see you as a friend.
6 I can’t pass up a game of chance.

Con Artist Ideals (d6)

1 Glib: I could sell a sell a bottle of water to a priest of Yarris.
2 Nimble of Mind: No con is flawless, and you need to be quick to keep ahead of any wrinkles to the plan.
3 Charitable: I share the money taken with the poor of the community.
4 Perceptive: Noticing what’s going on around you can make the difference between walking away with a bag of coin, or having your neck stretched at the Hangman’s Terrace.
5 Creative: Using the same scam over and over will get you caught or dead. Keep things fresh, I always say.
6 Temperate: Even if there’s more money to be made, don’t get greedy. Take what you came for and then leave town.

Con Artist Bonds (d6)

1 I’ve plucked the juiciest fruits across the Known Lands, and now I’m here, in the First City, looking to fill my pockets before I head into the unknown west.
2 I was hired by the Jial of the Phoenix to steal an item from the Emerald Society, and I woke the next morning with this serpent-shaped mark on my forearm. What is it and why won’t it come off?
3 That barber Jubalay keeps popping up in the most unusual places, and that kid he’s always got with him gives me the creeps. Something’s off with the Barber’s Guild, and I need to find out what.
4 I swindled a mark that turned out to be an agent for that undead legion from Canceri, the Legion of the Black Sun. Now they want to make an example of me.
5 The Chauni slaver, Duoppol, owns a kio sword that would be worth a lot of money to the right family back in the League of Princes.
6 Souliad, the captain of the Blue Cloaks, saved my life when I was a kid and now I hear that one of the Merchant Cabal houses put a bounty on his head. Against my better judgment, I’m going to find out who and why.

Con Artist Flaws (d6)

1 When I see stupidity in a mark, it just makes me want to squeeze more out of them.
2 I can’t help but leave my calling card, letting the mark know who made a fool of them.
3 I’m soft hearted and I won’t run a con on someone who’ll be ruined by it.
4 I spend all my coin at the arena. Seeing the blood run there keeps me from spilling it by my hand.
5 Working in the smithy like my father is back breaking work. Taking the coin I need is easier.
6 I’m reckless on purpose, just to give myself a challenge.