You have been trained in the ways of the court, a place that, for the naïve, can be just as dangerous as any battlefield.

But, where failure upon the field of battle may just cost you your life, the wrong words, or even the wrong gift may lead to the death of thousands.

Work with your GM to develop who you once or still represent. You may represent a regional church, local government, a powerful cabal of merchants, or even a noble house.

Social Class: Commoner or high class Minimum Age: 60 (dwarf), 20 (any other)

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Persuasion

Languages: Choose any three languages

Literacy: You are literate.

Equipment: A set of fine clothes, a set of common clothes, a letter of introduction, a signet ring, and a belt pouch containing 15 gp.

Feature: Representative in Good Standing
Even though you are “retired” from your proper duties as a diplomat your actions still reflect upon your past sponsor. Choose a nation, church, or a noble family from your home nation to be your previous sponsor. Your previous sponsor still acknowledges your good service, allowing you to secure an audience with a local representative if need be.

If you properly present yourself, representatives of an allied noble house, church, or nations will extend common courtesies, such as food and shelter. But such hospitality should never be taken advantage of, as word of such actions have a way of spreading and may embarrass your past sponsor.

Variant: Courtesan
You know how to please those who come to you, be it with stimulating conversation or your practiced touch.

Whether you worked as a “street-level” Larissan priestess, with a courtesan guild, such as the Nine Sisters of Tender Mercy, or as a pampered companion of nobility, you now find yourself outside of that protective and pleasant environment. The reason for this is your own, but one thing is certain – silk pillows and scented water are not in your immediate future.

Feature: Cultured
Although you are no longer a courtesan you can easily fit in among the nobility, almost as if you were one of their own.

Once you become familiar with the local power structure you find that, although you do not possess the power of a noble, you do have their ear.

Diplomat Personality Traits (d6)

1 I always speak with eloquence and grace. I have a turn of phrase for everything.
2 I have read more books than most people even know exist. I’m always comparing things to something I read once.
3 Occasionally, I forgot what language I’m using and I don’t realize it until everyone is looking at me with puzzled expressions.
4 I am always willing to hear someone out. Everyone has a story.
5 I unconsciously look out for oral traps and landmines, even in the most innocuous conversations.
6 With the right word, I can usually defuse even the tensest situations.

Diplomat Ideals (d6)

1 Empathy: Everyone has their own story and sharing those stories brings us all closer together.
2 Peace: Violence is always the last resort and should be avoided whenever possible.
3 Communication: Learning more about each other is the way great nations maintain peace with one another.
4 Ambition: Every negotiation, each meeting with a noble, is a chance to gain more power and prestige.
5 Duty: Working tirelessly for those you represent is the true job of every diplomat.
6 Manipulation: Making people dance to your tune is easy; try doing that with countries.

Diplomat Bonds (d6)

1 I will do my utmost to further the goals of those I represent.
2 I have contacts everywhere and I try to keep them safe.
3 Not every deal goes well. I have an old employer hounding me to fix a contract for them.
4 One of my friends suffered because someone at the negotiating table was trying to get to me. I will make them pay.
5 My family believes that strength of arms is the only way to achieve victory. One day, I will show them that the pen is mightier than the sword.
6 I naively trusted an opposing diplomat once, and they used that against me, making those I represented suffer. Never again.

Diplomat Flaws (d6)

1 Before every meeting, I must make sure I’m presentable.
2 A pretty face can distract me from my true goals at the negotiating table.
3 I can’t resist finding a way to use clever tricks and loopholes to get one over on those in power.
4 I try not to represent people for free, but I can’t resist someone in need.
5 Sometimes I just don’t know when to stop talking.
6 I don’t endure pain well. That’s why I use words to settle my problems.