You have left your home nation behind; perhaps you left on your own volition or were “asked” to leave. Either way, you are now alone in a strange land, trying to fit in, yet always the outsider. When you choose your home nation, you can either choose the nation of your birth or the nation where you now reside.

Social Class: Commoner or high class

Skill Proficiencies: Choose two from the following: Deception, Stealth, Survival

Tool Proficiencies: Vehicles (land) or one type of artisan’s tools

Languages: Choose two languages - one must be from your new home.

Literacy: You are not literate.

Equipment: A map of your current nation produced in your homeland, a token or some important/sentimental thing to remind you of the life you left behind, a set of common clothes, and a purse containing 10 gp.

Feature: Refugee Network
You know where communities of expatriates from your home nation exist in your current nation, and can go to them for shelter, food, and information.

Exile/Expatriate Personality Traits (d6)

1 I hold a deep resentment/hatred towards the people or nation that exiled me. Anything I can do to make their lives worse, I will.
2 I rarely stay in one place for long. I’m always pacing or moving about in some way.
3 I have some mannerism or quirk from my lost nation that I cannot get rid of.
4 I try to dress and comport myself in the style of my original nation, and I care not for the curious looks I get.
5 I almost never use my birth language. I always use whatever tongue is the most common.
6 I view anyone I meet from my native country as a potential threat.

Exile/Expatriate Ideals (d6)

1 Trust: In a world where allegiances can shift in the blink of an eye, staying true to one’s friends is paramount.
2 Independence: I am beholden to no one.
3 Piety: Devotion to fleeting national boundaries is misplaced. The Gods are eternal.
4 Change: Nothing is certain in this world. Expecting otherwise leads only to pain.
5 Loyalty: Patriotism does not require citizenship.
6 Diversity: The Known Lands are full of intriguing and unique people.

Exile/Expatriate Bonds (d6)

1 I was exiled for some horrible crime; a crime I may someday be called to account for.
2 My exile was by choice. I couldn’t bear living among such boring/evil/dangerous people one day longer.
3 I am not an exile. I am on a secret mission for my people.
4 I left my nation of origin to be with someone I loved.
5 I am the last of my family and had to leave my home nation to escape their fate.
6 I am constantly seeking ways to lift my sentence of exile.

Exile/Expatriate Flaws (d6)

1 I am slow to trust. Anyone you meet can sell you out later.
2 I see anyone from my home nation as a potential ally, someone who can help me get home.
3 I will believe anyone who offers me a way to change my exile status.
4 I follow the leaders of my new home unquestioningly. They took me in when I had nowhere else to go.
5 Insults to my home nation can still draw my ire, even though they cast me out.
6 I see everyone from my home nation as a potential assassin/enemy.