“We are beset on all sides, my son”, the Centurion told the boy.
“Other nations see our riches and power and covet them. Other races vie against us for dominance over our world, and from the Beyond some say, comes a sentient Silence to enfold us in everlasting oblivion.”
Wide eyed with horror, the boy asked, “How do we fight against such things, father?”
Smiling, the centurion picked up the boy and placed him on his shoulders. “With the courage in your heart, the strength of your limbs, and an arm’s length of good Coryani steel!”

While some enjoy the Cant of the Gods or bend the power of the universe to their will, there are others who put their faith, and the very survival of all they hold dear, in their strength of arms. These men and women are in the front line of any battle, hewing away at their foes with a myriad of deadly weapons, or cracking their bones beneath their bare hands. In their ranks may be found veterans who lead armies into full scale battles, highly skilled warriors who fight in the arenas for money, elite guardians of their people, and enforcers who crack skulls for their underworld masters as well as many others.

Fighters are found throughout every region of Arcanis. From the gladiators of Sicaris to the mercenaries of Almeric to Malfelan elorii raiders, the fighter is the most widespread core class.

There are no major changes or restriction on fighters in Arcanis save that Eldritch Knights must be of a race that can cast arcane magic.

There are new combat styles available in the Shattered Empires and a number of Feats specializing in combat schools that may be of interest to a hero playing the fighter class.