Through skill at arms, wit, or luck you have won your freedom. Many Coryani have in their will a clause that frees all the slaves in their household upon their death.

If you were particularly skilled as a gladiator and won your freedom at the arena, or perhaps you were just smart enough to buy your own freedom. Other former slaves escaped their bondage, either by guile or by killing their master. If you did escape, you may very well be arrested or killed when in your nation of origin if your status as an escaped slave is discovered. If you gained your freedom through legal means you can be confident in your new status as a free person.

Slavery in Arcanis:
Many nations in the Known Lands practice slavery, and although the treatment of slaves varies from master to master, there are some broad cultural differences. In the Coryani Empire, slaves are expensive commodities and treated as such, while in some nations, like Canceri, slaves are seen as cheap chattel, commonly beaten or killed for the slightest misstep.

There are many ways one may end up as a slave. In the Coryani Empire, most slaves are purchased outright from slavers, while others willingly submit themselves to pay off their debts, while others are taken as spoils of war.

In Altheria, some people indenture themselves and their progeny to pay off a blood debt owned by their family.

In Canceri and the Pirate Isles, slaves are simply taken however and whenever they can be.

There are nations where the practice of slavery is abhorrent. The Kingdom of Milandir has a strict edict against the ownership of a sentient being. The dwarves also do not enslave humanity, given that such a practice would anger the deity that cursed them, however, certain enclaves are known to retain the practice of enslaving giants and other inimical races to serve as laborers. The elorii of Seremas do not own human slaves, and while the same is assumed of those from Elonbé, none can assert this with any degree of certainty.

Nationality: You can either choose the nation that you came from before becoming a slave or the nation where you were enslaved.

Social Class: Commoner class

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, one other skill appropriate to your specialty.

Tool Proficiencies: Choose any one artisan’s tool, musical instrument or gaming set

Languages: Choose any two languages (one is usually the language of your former masters)

Literacy: You are not literate.

Equipment: A dagger, a set of common clothes, a document proving your status as a freeman (if applicable), and a belt pouch containing 10 gp.

d6 Specialty Proficiency
1 Laborer Athletics
2 Pleasure-Slave Performance
3 Household Slave Persuasion
4 Groom or horse slave Animal Handling
5 Artisan’s slave Two artisan’s tools
6 Tutor History, Religion, or two languages You are also literate.

Specialty: As a slave, you were called to fulfill a role in your owner’s household. Roll a d6 or choose from the options in the table below to determine your Specialty.

Feature: Secret Ways
As a slave, you were always seen but never acknowledged.

To facilitate your invisibility, you became familiar with all the back ways in and out of your estate and how not to draw attention to yourself. When in situations where you are attempting to locate a means of entrance, you know where to find the slave’s entrance if one exists. Additionally, you gain advantage on all rolls made with other slaves or similar individuals for information.

Variant: Escaped Slave
You escaped your slavery through illegal means; maybe you simply escaped or maybe you killed your master or one of their guards. Regardless of how you escaped, you are now free, on the run, and always looking over your shoulder.

Equipment: A dagger, a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch containing 15 gp.

Additional Feature: Fugitive
Regardless of how you escaped, you may be arrested or even killed when in your nation of origin if your status as an escaped slave is ever discovered. Your old master or their family may or may not be actively looking for you, depending on your method of departure.

Variant: Former Gladiator
You can still hear the roar of the crowd as they called out your name. The blood you spilled was for their pleasure and for your freedom. Maybe you joined a ludi to pay off your debts, or maybe you were bought by a lanistae seeking to improve his stock. Either way, you won your freedom and are now master of your own destiny!

Skill Proficiencies: You may choose between Athletics or Acrobatics for your specialty proficiency.

Feature: Blood and Sand
The tales of your exploits in the arena or pits have followed you. In your home city you may find it difficult to go about unnoticed as fans may recognize and come up to you, call to you, or point while telling their friends of your exploits.

Within your nation your name carries some weight as your reputation may earn you free lodging and food (modest standard), or earn you a challenge from a local swordsman attempting to make a name for himself. Fame for you, ironically, is a double-edged sword.

Former Slave Personality Traits (d8)

1 Sometimes I still find myself unable or unwilling to take the initiative. Unless I’m told to do something, I will simply not do it.
2 I find it hard to trust; those with the widest smiles are sometimes the cruelest masters.
3 I keep my eyes down when dealing with anyone of a higher social standing; some habits are hard to break.
4 I have become callous to the most extreme social situations. In such a setting, nothing makes me uncomfortable.
5 Now that I am free I revel in it, doing some things simply because I can.
6 I do not part with my possessions easily.
7 I’m naive about many things.
8 I have a bad habit of listening in on everyone’s conversations.

Former Slave Ideals (d6)

1 Cruelty: I take joy in having power over others and make the most of every opportunity to enforce my will.
2 Callus: I honestly don’t care about the plights of others. Life is hard and unfair, deal with it.
3 Guilt: I was a leader over other slaves, and I used that power to make them suffer. I must make amends for that.
4 Compassion: I can’t stand to see the suffering of innocents.
5 Retribution: Cruel slave masters need to feel what it is to long for freedom.
6 Freedom: I’m going to live a full life, a life of my own choosing.

Former Slave Bonds (d6)

1 I was separated from my family when I was young and seek them out to this day.
2 I still respect my master and their family. Though I am free I still come by to visit and I find that I am welcome.
3 I left someone I love behind and I will do what I can to buy their freedom.
4 I owe my freedom to another slave whose actions resulted in my freedom.
5 I was set free after my master’s death. In his will I was granted freedom and the curious trinket he always kept with him.
6 I witnessed something or know a secret, something my old master or his associates would kill me for.

Former Slave Flaws (d6)

1 I’m filled with blind hate for the people who enslaved me.
2 I have no respect for those who willingly become slaves.
3 Even now, I still flinch from a raised hand.
4 I can’t stand the sight of a slave being treated badly.
5 I feel guilty when I find enjoyment in indulging myself.
6 I am selfish; now that I’m free, the only person I look out for is myself.