Not all of those who wield magic are powerful mages.

Often, those who show the most promise are born far away from societies that maintain these strong sorcerous traditions.

It is in these areas that give rise to the Hedge Mage. These individuals are typically either those who have only begun their communing with the spirits of the world on their way to becoming a shaman, or have the arcane spark of eldritch magic, but without anyone to guide them on how to wield their powers. Often viewed as low-wizards, these arcanely gifted individuals discover their talents through slow experimentation and communing with nature.

Nationality: Any nation

Race: Any except elorii, dwarf, or ss’ressen Social Class: Commoner class

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, and either heal or survival Tool Proficiencies: Herbalist kit, an artisan tool, and a musical instrument

Languages: None

Literacy: You not literate

Equipment: A set of common clothing, herbalist kit, either artisan tools or musical instrument, 5 gp

Special: If you choose this background you must take an arcane caster for your first level.

Feature: Wise One
You are welcomed with a mix of both respect and fear by your own people, who will offer you food, shelter, and even small trinkets as they call upon you for advice or healing. Others who become aware of your abilities will treat you with a mixture of respect and fear.

Hedge Mage Personality Traits (d6)

1 I have lived alone for so long that I am quiet and unsure.
2 I try hard to fit into any social situation, maybe a little too hard.
3 I wait to follow another’s lead.
4 I feel that the Gods have turned their backs on me.
5 I embrace what I am, and don’t care who knows what I can do.
6 I hide my abilities for fear of being rejected.

Hedge Mage Ideals (d6)

1 Perilous: I am dangerous. Let them fear me.
2 Caring: I only want to help people.
3 Curious: The world is like an onion. With every layer I peel, I find two new questions for every answer.
4 Willful: My will is indomitable. When I set my mind towards an end, I will not stop until I achieve it.
5 Determination: I will never be hungry and poor again.
6 Self-Assertive: I am through with being ashamed or frightened of what I can do.

Hedge Mage Bonds (d6)

1 I was approached by the Ymandrakes to serve as bait, luring out rogue mages in the First City. Should I betray those who look upon me with scorn or pity to the Sorcerer-King?
2 All cities have an essence or spirit, but the one of the First City seems shackled and in fear. I must discover why.
3 I can always earn a few coins in the Pearl from the indents there for small manifestations of my power.
4 The shaman of one of the Andyar villages helped me hone my gift. Now, I hear he is ill and needs help training a successor from his tribe.
5 I earn a few coins with the Bull Dancers of Kolkara, when their prized animals are feeling ill or illtempered. I appear to be the only one who can soothe and calm them.
6 I grew up preparing the slaves for auction in the slave block before the spirits began whispering to me. Now I hear something stirring in the area and it is angry and hungry for blood.

Hedge Mage Flaws (d6)

1 I’m afraid of losing control of my power, even when would help my friends.
2 I will only follow the path laid out before me by the spirits.
3 I don’t care who sees me wield my sorcery. Would they pluck out their eyes because others find them dangerous?
4 I’ve lived on my own for too long that I hate being told what to do by others.
5 If I truly need something, I take it.
6 I resent other sorcerers that benefited from formal training and protection from the Sanctorum.