Illiir is the head of the Pantheon of Man and serves as patron of emperors, kings, lords and others that enjoy positions of power. Due to His station, most worshippers of the Pantheon give Him praise and offer sacrifices on His holy days. According to dogma, Illiir led the rest of the Pantheon against the Other and Its befouled progeny and corrupted minions during the God War.

Though He did not participate in the destruction of the elorii Elemental Lords, it was He that ordered it done. At the war’s conclusion, it was Illiir that declared that all the lands of the elorii were now the domain of humanity and proclaimed the creation of the Imperium of Man.

Illiir is also credited with saving all of humanity by raising the Wall of the Gods, ending a generation of brutal combat against the infernal invasion during the Time of Terror. This act also marks the founding of the Coryani Empire and the subsequent rise of the Mother Church of Coryan.

The Mother Church recognizes many aspects of Illiir. The most well-known shows Illiir as the Defender of Honor, the Bringer of Glory, the Light Everlasting, the Champion of Civilization, the Patron of Rulers, the Perfect Form, and the very sun itself as the Radiant Orb. Illiir also has darker aspects such as the Curse Bringer, the Unforgiving, and the Wrath of Heaven. These aspects, while verified by the VIth Ecclesiastical Court of the Mother Church, are not as wellknown or actively venerated.

Holy Symbol: A radiant orb, preferably golden.

Position within the Pantheon: Head of the Pantheon. Husband to Saluwe’, Father of Hurrian, Nier, and Larissa and elder brother to Neroth, Yarris, and Anshar.

Favored Weapon: Gladius, “Blinding Truth”

Animal: The Golden Falcon

Color: Gold or White

Appearance: Illiir usually appears as a golden shower of light, but has also manifested as a young man of perfect features.

Sphere of Influence

As befits the head of the Pantheon, Illiir’s worship is widespread and prevalent throughout the Known Lands. Illiir is revered as the patron god of the entire Coryani Empire and thus His worship is centered in the province of Illonia.

Even in the Theocracy of Canceri there is a small group of Illiiric itinerant priests, known as the Confraternity of the Just Death, that urge those about to die, usually prisoners awaiting execution, to renounce the black teachings of the Dark Triumvirate and embrace Illiir as their patron lord.


Temples of Illiir are normally round in shape or at least its central structure is built in that form. The temples usually have a large glass or crystalline dome where the rays of the sun are diffracted in a cascade of brilliant color throughout the central chamber. Temples are never created underground with the exception of the beautiful Cathedral of Penance in Solanos Mor and the Temple of Illiir Supine in Enpebyn. The latter is a morose temple that enshrines Illiir’s aspect of the sun at rest and commemorates His death and the time spent in the Tombs of Neroth before His rebirth.


Role of the Priest

Priests of Illiir understand that while the Gods are perfect, humanity is imperfect in form and mind. Nevertheless, the clergy of Illiir teaches that perfection exists within all and one should strive to nurture it. The temptations of the flesh and the mind can damage the perfect soul within and should be resisted through strength of will. Illiirite priests are expected to be islands of stability and order amidst the chaos of the world outside. No matter how unpredictable or frenzied the situation, Illiirites are unflappable and unfazed.

They lead by example showing that chaos can only triumph if the mind and body are weak.
The continuance and stability of civilization is paramount to the teachings of this priesthood. Elevating mankind above the savage beasts and lesser, inhuman races of Arcanis is ever on their minds. Only by ensuring the stability of society can mankind be free of the daily struggle to survive and turn his energies to more enlightened endeavors such as philosophy, sciences, and the arts. Those that would bring down all that the countless generations before struggled to build must be destroyed.

Illiirites are often viewed as being self-righteous and arrogant, an impression attributed to their smug belief in their superiority over others. Even so, these priests are sought after as judges and adjudicators due to their reputation as fair and impartial individuals.

As it was Illiir’s curse over the entire race of dwarves that caused their present form and condition, many Illiirite priests see it as their duty to watch over them and assist them in their quest for redemption. Many believe that the dwarves of Solanos Mor are truly repentant and worthy of eventual salvation, regardless of their previous transgressions.