After centuries of little to no contact with the humans that usurped your people’s home and birthrights, the time has come for engagement once more. After receiving special training, you have been sent out to learn as much as you can of the outside world, especially the humans. Yet even after extensive training, nothing could have prepared you for what you found. Your memories of life in Elonbé is hazy, and you find that you can recall few details with clarity. Your contact, to whom you make your periodic reports, says that this is for the safety of your people, and that this was part of the training you agreed to when you became a Laerestri. You hope that someday, when you are recalled home, that this cloud over your memories is cleared, and you will see your beloved city once more.

Nationality: Elonbé

Race: Elorii

Social Class: Elorii do not have a class structure

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Nature

Tool Proficiencies: Vehicles (land) or disguise kit

Languages: Choose one language from your new home Literacy: You are literate.

Equipment: A map of your current nation, a token of something important to you from the left behind, a set of common clothes, and a purse containing 10 gp.

Feature: Laerestri Society
You are part of a loosely organized group whose sole purpose is to collect and relate information back to Elonbé.
You can expect to receive shelter, food, and information from fellow elorii.

Variant: Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Elorii were born and bred to be warriors by their ssethric masters, but some of them, in the time just prior to the rebellion, began to train in another type of warfare as well - that of Sorcery. After the overthrow of your cruel masters, that tradition remained. You are one of the few that continues the study and perfection of the craft humans call Sorcery.

Social Class: Elorii do not have a class structure

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, Insight

Variant: Seeker of the Fallen

Most elorii have accepted the fact that the Elemental Lords are gone. Their grief and loss still weigh heavily upon them at times, but they turn to Belisarda, the Life Mother, for their spiritual needs. Not you. You remember walking with Mârok or sailing with Beröe. You remember debates with Keleos, and dances with Osalian. Sometimes, you can still feel their presence. It is faint, ever so faint, but you swear it is there. You are constantly searching for your lost gods, and strive to keep their beliefs alive.

Social Class: Elorii do not have a class structure

Skill Proficiencies: History, Religion

Laerestri Personality Traits (d6)

1 The outside world has been locked away in memories for ages. Now I want to see it, all of it, with my own eyes.
2 The Vastwood was filled with wonders that I believed could never be equaled, but the outside world has so much to show us.
3 The outside world has become far stranger than I remember, and I cannot seem to grasp their ways.
4 The human savages that toppled our civilization have evolved slightly. Perhaps this generation has something of value to teach us.
5 I view anyone from Elonbé as a potential ally, kindred sent into these strange lands.
6 I put great faith in the teachings, and the beliefs, of my homeland

Laerestri Ideals (d6)

1 Decorum: I will steel myself against the horrors and injustices I’m sure to see in the outside world. The elorii are, first and foremost, a proud people, and I will not show others, especially humans, any weakness.
2 Piety: Belisarda, the Life Mother will preserve us. I will serve Her faithfully, for only she will guide us through the coming war against the silent darkness.
3 Change: The elorii must go forth and prepare, or else we will stagnate and die.
4 Vengeance: The Prophecy of Ardelia says the humans will be needed for the coming War, but that does not mean they will be forgiven.
5 Redemption: While slaves of the ssethrics, the elorii committed atrocities and genocide among the races of Arcanis. I may not ever be able to wash the blood from my hands completely, but I must try by righting what wrongs I find in this new world.
6 Hope: Perhaps I will find that a way to return the Elemental Lords to our people.

Laerestri Bonds (d6)

1 I am haunted by dreams of five crowns worn by elorii princes, but our people have never had an aristocracy. If I’m to put these incessant thoughts to rest, I must search beyond the bounds of the Vastwoods for answers.
2 The blight of the ssanu and the rest of their empire still continues to corrupt or destroy whatever they can of the world. I must take the opportunity, now that I am outside the bounds of the Vastwoods, to bring about the downfall of the ssethric empire.
3 My love and I both joined the ranks of the Laerestri to explore the world together, but after our indoctrination, we were separated. I must find her/ him.
4 I regret joining the Laerestri, and will do whatever I can to be invited home.
5 I still nurse a hope that something of the Elemental Lords survives.
6 I am drawn to a specific location upon the Known Lands, but I cannot remember why it was once significant to me.

Laerestri Flaws (d6)

1 I study but I do not trust. Human, ssethric, it matters not. Everything out here has betrayed us before or will likely do so again if they get the chance.
2 I see all elorii as allies, fellow children of the Mother in these strange lands.
3 There are so many new sensations and experiences in the outside world, that I can’t have my fill. Food, alcohol, substances and of course, the carnal pleasures to be found with the various sentient races, is all so intoxicating. I must try them all, even if I am breaking dozens of cultural taboos.
4 I have difficulty respecting anyone younger than myself, which these days is most people I meet.
5 The val are the children of the betrayer Gods. Nothing good can spring from poisoned fruit.
6 I am desperate to find any remnant of our lost Elemental Lords in this human world.