“The Tongues of Man”

Language Alphabet Typical Speakers
Altherian Imperial Altherians, priests and scholars
Ancient Imperial Imperial Nearly dead language of the Imperium of Man
Coryani, High Coryani Educated and scholarly people of the Known Lands
Coryani, Low Coryani Common. People of the Known Lands, used as a trade language
Khitani Khitani Citizens of the Khitani Empire, Yhing hir, used as a trade language in the far west

“The Tongues of the Serpent”

Language Alphabet Typical Speakers
Eloran Ssethric Elorii
Ssethric Ssethric Ssethregorans and Ss’ressen

“The Unique Tongues”

Language Alphabet Typical Speakers
Infernal Infernal Infernals of the hells, Sarishans
Udor Udor Dwarves, giants
Trade Language None Spoken by most merchants, Andyar, and citizens of the First City,it is a pidgin language with words and structure taken from Low Coryani, Low Khitani, and others.


Your selection of race will determine what languages your Hero speaks or was exposed to during the early years of their life. Some races, classes, and backgrounds grant additional languages that you can select from the Common Languages table above. The table lists the most prominent languages spoken on Arcanis. It is not an exhaustive list as many other races, ancient and modern, have their own languages and alphabets.


Across the Known Lands being literate is not common.

In fact, most of the populace cannot read or write. It is not uncommon for someone to be able to speak many languages and yet unable to read or write in any of them.

As such, literacy has become a soft social meter that displays either wealth or noble blood.

There are three ways to gain literacy; through your race, your background or by giving up a known language. Both dwarves and elorii have strong traditions of education and gain literacy through their racial heritage. Some backgrounds grant literacy, but if you choose a background that does not grant literacy you may become so by giving up one of your known languages. Gaining literacy makes you literate in all your known languages.