Located in the region known as the Western Lands, the League of Princes is a loose coalition of nations and citystates in the southwest of the Known Lands, bordering the territory claimed by the savage gar and other humanoids of Uggur. The nations of the humans and their various vassal states operate like an extended, dysfunctional family with a network of mutual treaties, unwritten obligations and obscure rules of etiquette creating a diplomatic labyrinth that ties them all together.

Bhiharn and the city of Blackwand within it are the black sheep of the family, forging their own path and delighting in shocking their elders. Capharra largest nation of the League, drawing on its political ties and obligations due to them from the surrounding political entities to keep itself in power. Eppion is filled with shadows and terrors stalking the night and an air of gloom and mystery hangs over it.

Lhyllifel is ruled by an undir king and has closer ties to the elorii nation of Entaris than to Capharra. Mhyrcia used to be the poor cousin but its success with sea trade and managing the coastline has brought it wealth and status.

Pajharo might be a duchy of Capharra or a separate nationstate; its hard to tell and depends on who you ask.

National Languages: A mix of languages, Low Coryani being most common.

League of Princes Personality Traits (d6)

1 I trust in the guidance the spirits give me without reservation.
2 The old ways are full of superstitious foolishness. I follow the Coryani way of life – money and power are the true gods.
3 I don’t take orders from foreigners. They may rule my people, but they won’t control me.
4 My mind naturally creates plans within plans. It probably comes from listening to my relatives scheming in the Royal Court of Capharra.
5 I practice with my blade daily, as you never know when you’ll be challenged to a duel.
6 I can spend an entire afternoon, just looking up at the sky or out at sea. It seems to call to me.

League of Princes Ideals (d6)

1 Tradition: Keeping our old ways alive is the only proper way to honor our ancestors.
2 Aspiration: There’s a way out of the muck for anyone with the will to take it.
3 Independence: The League has resisted assimilation for years and will always be free.
4 Class: The social order helps everyone understand their place in life.
5 Diversity: The League is strengthened by what makes each city-state different.
6 Ambition: With effort and a bit of faith in ourselves, we can become as rich as the Coryani and chart our own destiny without foreign interference.

League of Princes Bonds (d6)

1 Those that have turned their backs on our traditional ways are worthy only of scorn and contempt.
2 I ran afoul of the wrong kind of person and I must make sure they never discover my new identity.
3 My older brother never returned from traveling abroad and the family sword he carried was lost with him. I’ll do whatever I must to return it to my family.
4 The spirits have sent me on a quest across the Known Lands. I cannot settle down until I have fulfilled it.
5 My sister has brought shame on my family by becoming a priestess/holy champion of one of the Coryani deities. I must show her that these are false gods and bring her back to the fold.
6 I will pay whatever political games are necessary to achieve the position of Archon.

League of Princes Flaws (d6)

1 I tend to challenge people to a duel for the slightest offense.
2 I cannot seem to stop myself from telling clerics of the Pantheon of Man that they follow a false religion.
3 Money is the only reward I want for my deeds. I don’t do things because the “spirits” tell me to do so.
4 I don’t make any important decisions without consulting the spirits.
5 Plan? What plan? Did we have a plan?
6 My pride always leads me to a fall.