In the Arcanis campaign setting, national identity plays as much a part in forming your Hero’s character as their background. Every Hero has a home, a nation where they were born and raised. Your Hero’s race, class, and background gives you an idea of where you might have grown up. For example, most shaman come from the Hinterlands or the League of Princes, elorii Laerestri Heroes are all from Elonbé, just as all legionnaires are from the Coryani Empire.

Look through the suggestions on the tables below for personality traits, bonds, ideals, and flaws that someone from your Hero’s home nation might have. You can use these or the ones from your Hero’s background, or you can make up new ones. Your home nation also provides additional suggestions for skill and tool proficiencies that you can use in place of one of the proficiencies gained from your background.

Note: It is recommended that Heroes choose one of the following regions as their starting nation. While many other nations and regions exist and may be explored in the campaign, these particular ones have the supporting information needed to flesh out your Hero. Exceptions are noted in the individual entries.

The Blessed Lands

Coryani Empire

Dwarven Enclaves

Elorii Nations

Free City-States of Almeric


Kingdom of Milandir

League of Princes (AKA The Western Lands)

Republic of Altheria

Other Lands

The Abessian Dominion

The Free Isles (AKA The Pirate Isles)

Ssethregoran Empire

The Theocracy of Canceri

The Unsealed Lands (AKA The Fiendish Expanse)