You are a simple commoner, but now find yourself draw to the extraordinary life of adventure. Perhaps you longed for a different life away from the crowded streets of your home, or were forced into this life by circumstances beyond your control.

Nationality: Any human nation

Social Class: Commoner class

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics and Survival

Tool Proficiencies: Any combination of two artisan’s tools and vehicle proficiencies

Literacy: You are not literate.

Equipment: A set of traveler’s clothes, and a backpack, and 5gp. If you choose a tool proficiency you also possess a set of those tools.

Feature: Indistinguishably Common
You are, for better or worse, very…very… common. You are simply another face in the crowd, going unnoticed while among other ordinary folk, with nobles and the city guard more often looking past you than at you. Conversely, when you are among nobles or in other places where you simply do not belong, your pedestrian looks, and apparent lack of breeding draws a good deal of attention.

Variant Feature: Commoner

Being of the common folk you can easily fit in among them. You find that common folk seem to trust you more than they would a noble or retired member of the legions, and unless you have shown yourself to be a danger, you can find a place to rest or even hide among them. However, while they may be willing to shield you from the law, they will not risk their lives for you.

Peasant/Plebeian Personality Traits (d6)

1 I always seek to be around common folk, preferring to speak to servants over nobles.
2 I am always looking for an angle, a way to make a few more coins.
3 I loath to spend coin. I lived so long with so little that I know how precious it is.
4 Although I am a commoner I stand tall and don’t back down easily from my social betters.
5 I truly believe that my luck in adventuring is tied to a trinket. I am obsessed with this trinket and always keep it on my person.
6 I have common sense, something I constantly complain about others lacking.

Peasant/Plebeian Ideals (d6)

1 Respect: You do not respect those who demand it, only those who have earned it.
2 Honor: When you give your word, you mean it. A handshake is as good as any oath.
3 Reciprocity: I treat others as I wish to be treated
4 Ambition: You will do anything to better your social or financial position
5 Detached Practicality: You don’t let emotions get in your way, just get the job done.
6 Work: You find solace in a good day’s work and you can’t stand idle hands.

Peasant/Plebeian Bonds (d6)

1 I once saw an elorii sorcerer battle a creature and ever since then, I knew there was more to life than this drudgery. There are wonders to see and I mean to see them all before I stand before the Judgement of Nier.
2 My family was very poor, and it’s the fear of being poor again that drives me
3 Someday I will tend my own land or run my own business, be it an inn or a stable.
4 I live day by day. I know I am only a piece in a game being played by those above me.
5 I always seek to learn new things, improve myself, and become more then I was.
6 I just want to know what’s around the next bend!

Peasant/Plebeian Flaws (d6)

1 I am not used to having coin. When I do, I tend to overindulge.
2 I trust authority. I always obey the nobility of my home nation.
3 I’ve been taught that all sorcerers are in league with infernals and heretical cults. Though I’ve learned that’s not true, I still feel uncomfortable around those that cast magic.
4 I detest and distrust all nobility.
5 When away from home, I am obviously out of my element and always make a scene, whether I mean to or not.
6 I tend to exaggerate every story I tell, clearly trying o impress those around me.