Illiir tasked all the Gods to give a gift to humanity before leaving them to rule over the First Imperium. Anshar saw the vast distances that man would one day need to cross and decided to create a gift that remains unsurpassed in its usefulness, even in the modern age.

Scattered across all of Onara are large portals in the shape of an arc. These portals usually have a white marbled façade covered in benedictions to Anshar in Ancient Altharin.

Only priests of Anshar or those of the blood of Anshar, the val’Inares, can activate these portals.

If the location to another portal is known, then the proper blessings may be spoken which will cause the interior of the arc to glow with a soothing blue light. By passing through the plane of the arc, one is instantly transported across the intervening distances, emerging from the sister portal unharmed.

It is rumored that the locations of hundreds of portals have been lost during the Shadowed Age and that they once created a network that spanned the entire globe. Sacred texts found on tablet fragments also hint that these portals once connected Arcanis to other worlds and planes of existence. If this is true, then that knowledge was destroyed when the Theocracy of the Cleansing Flame wiped the First Imperium from the face of Arcanis.

Known Portals of Anshar

The following locations of known Portals of Anshar are appropriate as the first portal attuned to beginning Ansharan heroes:
Altheria: Semar
Almeric: Nevanne
Coryani Empire: Enpebyn, Grand Coryan, Panari, Savona
The Hinterlands: Censure
The Kingdom of Milandir: Luchek, Naeraanth, Tralia, Yarrvek