Dwarves: A people cursed by the Gods, who now strive to redeem themselves by protecting mankind in a hope that they will prove worthy of lifting the curse.

Elorii: Elemental beings, created as a servitor race who went on to rule their own empire, but were replaced by the humans as masters of the Known Lands.

Human: Numerous, diverse and widespread, human beings rule most of the Known Lands.

Ss’ressen: Making up the bulk of the Ssethregoran Empire’s military might, one egg clutch, the Black Talons, rebelled and seek a destiny other than living and dying under the oppressive coils of their serpentine masters.

Tiefling: Humans tainted with the blood of infernal ancestry, hated and feared by almost everyone they meet.

Val: Humans with a touch of divine essence in their lineage, they are tasked by the Gods with shepherding humanity to a Golden Age.