The afterlife is not one’s final resting place. When most mortal beings die, their soul stands before the Judgment of Nier, one of the Valinor of the Lord of Flaming Destruction. Those who have led exemplary lives as the Gods taught are sent to the Paradise of the Gods, while those who fall short of that high ideal are sent to the Kiln of Beltine. In that churning mass, souls weighed down by the evil they committed sink to the bottom, while others roil about as they are purged of their imperfections.

When a new life is ready to be brought into the world, Beltine reaches into her Kiln and forges a new soul, a mixture of those who came before.

Most of the time, this new soul is a clean slate, unhindered by whatever combination of souls might have existed in the Kiln when it was born. Sometimes though, these souls retain some sense of their previous self. A patchwork soul, as it is known, often has strange memories and even stranger dreams. Someone who’s soul is a patchwork may be able to play an instrument the moment they pick it up, or read a language they have never encountered before. The phenomenon is rare enough that these patchwork souls are often treated with suspicion and mistrust and many are accused of consorting with infernals or other dark powers.

To the elorii, the suspicion and distrust of a patchwork soul is quaint. When the elorii die, they do not travel to the Kiln but are drawn instead into the Orumar, the Soulspring. Unlike the Kiln, the Orumar is not a place of pain and refinement. It is a chance for rest and reflection, a soothing balm to the soul. Elorii do not lose any of their identity or memories in the Orumar; it is only when they are ready to be reborn that there is a loss of the past. The process of being born is traumatic and often results in past experiences being jumbled and confused. During childhood, elorii are taught how to remember moments from their past lives and draw on the knowledge and training they have gained over many incarnations.

Dwarves are the one race that do not have this kind of experience. Their souls are forever barred from the afterlife and the soulshards of dwarves that have died reside within the Hall of Memories in each enclave.

When you choose this background, think about the nature of your reborn soul. Do you have clear memories that you know are not yours? Do you have dreams of people and places you never met? Do you have skills or talents that you never spent time developing? Were you hated and feared for this? Or were your gifts met with acceptance and training?

Nationality: Any except the Dwarven Enclaves Race: Any except dwarf
Social Class: Any

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, and any one skill related to your past life

Tool Proficiencies: Any one artisan’s tool or musical instrument related to your past life

Languages: Any two languages

Literacy: You are literate.

Equipment: A book where you have recorded some of the dreams and visions from your past life, a set of common clothes, a musical instrument or set of artisan’s tools of your choice, and a belt pouch with 15 gp.

Feature: Fractured Self
Elorii cannot take this feature.

You have developed a second personality, though it is not as pronounced as someone with true multiple personality disorder. Sometimes, at seemingly random moments, your secondary personality comes though. Your mannerisms change, as does the way you speak, and perhaps your accent. When in your secondary personality you can easily pass as a native of whichever nation your language acquired though this background is from.

During these episodes you may have flashbacks of your past life, fragmented memories of places, people, or things.

Your GM can use these memories as a way to help provide clues or more context for any events you are involved with.

If necessary, a Wisdom (Insight) roll, DC set by the GM, can help you discern the details of your vision.

Elorii Feature: Visions of Lives Past
Elorii only.

When under strain or when faced with things or places that were intimately connected to a past incarnation, you receive powerful visions of events that happened in a previous life. These visions are often disjointed and difficult to comprehend but sometimes are as clear as any memory.

Most often your vision has something to do with your current situation and your GM can use your visions as a way to help provide clues or greater context to the events you are involved with. If necessary, a Wisdom (Insight) roll, DC set by the GM, can help you discern the details of your vision.

Reborn Personality Traits (d6)

1 I know how to play a musical instrument even though I’ve never spent a day practicing it.
2 I find myself laughing or crying as an overwhelming feeling comes over me. The memories of the event that make me feel this way are clear for that instant, but then are gone.
3 When I’m not looking, my hands sometimes make odd motions that I don’t understand.
4 Sometimes I hear things that aren’t happening now, but did a long time ago.
5 I talk in my sleep, but in a language I don’t know when I’m awake.
6 I learn new skills remarkably fast, almost as if I’m remembering something I’ve done before.

Reborn Ideals (d6)

1 Faith: There is a life after this one, an eternal reward waiting for us all.
2 Nihilism: Death comes to us all. It is inevitable.
3 Fear: When you stand before the Judgement of Nier, will you be found worthy?
4 Detachment: All things pass in time. We must spend our lives on that which is eternal.
5 Self-Knowledge: Who was I? What was my former life? Why do I have these dreams?
6 Community: Everyone will eventually face judgement. We must help each other enter the Paradise of the Gods.

Reborn Bonds (d6)

1 I have persistent dreams about a place that I don’t recognize. I must try to reach it.
2 I’m searching for the answer to a question I don’t know.
3 I was run out of town in my youth, so I keep my patchwork soul hidden from the common folk.
4 I’m looking for someone, anyone, who can heal the fractures in my soul.
5 I must make everyone I meet understand that they need to prepare for judgement.
6 My lifetimes are an accumulation of knowledge that I must share with my people. (elorii)

Reborn Flaws (d6)

1 I am instantly suspicious of anyone who finds out about my patchwork soul. I don’t want to be persecuted again.
2 Certain (colors/smells/sounds/phrases) trigger an intense (fear/hatred/attraction) in me and I can’t control myself when this occurs.
3 I have a strange phobia and I can’t explain how I acquired it.
4 I always act strangely around those who are in mourning. I just don’t understand what they expect of me.
5 I throw myself into mortal peril all the time. I try to deny it, but I’m always secretly thinking “Maybe this time I’ll be found worthy of the Paradise of the Gods”.
6 I abhor intelligent undead. Such creatures have escaped their ultimate judgement.