Rogues rely on cunning and guile to overcome their problems. Be they thieves, politicians, con artists, emissaries, or diplomats, the trait that binds all rogues together is their aptitude at finding the chink in the armor – literal or metaphorical – of the situation. They exploit foes’ weaknesses, see the trigger before the trap, the pattern in the chaos. Anyone with an analytical eye and a quick hand is well suited to exploit the skills and abilities of the rogue and you are as like to encounter one in the Senate of Coryan as you are on the streets of Abessios.

There are no major changes or restriction on rogues in the Shattered Empires.

Arcane Tricksters gain the Hunted by Ymandragore trait, owing to the Sorcerer-King’s desire to hunt down all people capable of casting arcane spells.