Saluwé is venerated as the patron of women, in all their phases of life, as well as that of the Green Mother, the Goddess of all things that grow upon or below the earth. As the wife of Illiir, Saluwé receives accolades as the Empress of the Heavens and libations to Illiir are also offered to Her.

As the patron of females, women in all the Known Lands pray to Her for everything from happiness, finding a mate, and fertility to protection from brutality at the hands of others. During the War of the Gods, Saluwé was instructed by Her husband to devour the earth Elemental Lord of the elorii. This act added new aspects to the Earth Goddess, giving Her dominion over those things below the earth as well as that which grows upon it.

Like the other Gods, Saluwé has many aspects officially recognized by the Mother Church of Coryan. The most popular among these aspects are the Innocent Maiden, the Goddess of Tranquility and Peace, the Nurturing Mother, the Green Goddess, as well as the Womb of the World.

There are darker more primal aspects to the Earth Mother which, though recognized, are not widely embraced.

Holy Symbol: Oak leaves often golden among the mother chirch and actual leaves amoung the common people. Leaves blessed as holy symbols of Saluwe never wilt.

Position within the Pantheon: Wife to Illiir, Mother of Hurrian, Nier, and Larissa, Sister to Beltine and Althares.

Favored Weapon: Spear, “The Striking Reed”

Animal: Horned Deer

Color: Deep Green

Appearance: Saluwe’ often appears as a beautiful young maiden, but in ancient times also manifested as an animate oak tree.

Sphere of Influence

Saluwé’s worship is strongest in rural and agricultural areas. The Coryani province of Balantica and the Milandisian duchy of Sylvania are major bastions of the Earth Mother’s worship. Panari, the provincial capital of Balantica holds the seat of power for the priesthood. Saluwé is also venerated in many areas as the wife of Illiir and the patron of women and homes across the Known Lands.


Temples dedicated to Saluwé in an urban setting are often adjacent to a temple of Illiir with connected access between the two for worshippers to easily go from one to the other. The grounds surrounding the temples are immaculate and breathtaking gardens, filled with exotic flowering plants, manicured lawns and immense trees with wide, spreading limbs offering cool shade.

Those who travel to a temple erected in a rural environment will be shocked by the marked contrast between those found in cities. Rural temples initially seem little more than shrines with a central altar and little else. No walls or roof shelters the worshippers from the environment. Instead, the priests teach that the entirety of nature is Saluwé’s and that the small altar merely acts as a convenient meeting place.

Lastly, there exist temples that are dedicated to Saluwé’s aspect as ruler of the world below the surface. These temples are built in expansive underground caverns that rival the majesties of the dwarven cathedrals. Altars appear to have been grown from the very stone and stalactites are embedded with the ubiquitous phosphorescent lichen found everywhere in the Endless Dark.

Role of the Priest


The priesthood of Saluwé is exclusively reserved for females, with a separate, lesser sect reserved for males. Priestesses act as midwives, protectors of women within society, and the home, bless the barren with fertility and advocate equality, or in some cases, superiority of females. Priestesses are expected to call upon the Earth Mother to ease the people’s misery in times of drought or famine as well as blessing the grain fields and orchards to ensure a bountiful harvest.

In frontier settlements or towns deep in the wild, Saluwean priestesses protect the populace from the wild beasts, and especially from foul creatures that are the creation of black sorceries and madmen.

Aberrations are not tolerated, and their very existence is seen as an affront to Saluwé.

The lesser male sect of Saluwé is tasked with tending and protecting the sacred groves, forests, and pristine environment that exist across Arcanis. While shamans that have their traditions grounded in animism see mankind as a blight upon nature, Saluwean druids believe that humanity is as much a part of nature as the plants and animals. Saluwean druids feel it their duty to defend humans and their kin from the predations of the wilds as any good host will offer safety to those who dwell in their home.

The Golden Boughs of Saluwé are especially sacred and it is within these woods, the eaves of its mammoth trees creating a cathedral like ceiling, that the holiest of groves exists. At its very center lies a pool so pure and crystalline in clearness that it is said to be divinely wrought. Saluwean dogma ascribes this glade as being where the Earth Goddess slaked Her parched lips after defeating Mârok, the earth Elemental Lord of the elorii.