You have been trained from the moment you were discovered by the sanctorum in the ways of the arcane.

Your parents left you in the custody of the Sanctorum, either to protect you or out of fear of superstitious neighbors or the Harvesters of Ymandragore. Now that you have mastered your abilities, reality is yours to twist and manipulate at will.

Alternatively, you came to the Sanctorum to protect those with the arcane gift. Perhaps you came with a sibling, learning how to guard their back and keep them safe while they learned how to wield their power, or you helped the Sanctorum by scouting out potential sorcerers and helping them reach safety. Alternatively, you lost someone to a Harvester and came to the Sanctorum to make sure that never happens again.

Dwarves do not come to the Sanctorum to train as only the Encali dwarves are still able to wield arcane magic. The Encali solely practice the tradition of the Sorcerer-Priests of Sarish and tend to rely on their fellow dwarves or the clergy of Sarish for protection from Harvesters. However, some dwarves do join the Sanctorum even though they have no arcane skills out of a desire to help protect those that do.

They see it as an extension of their mission to protect the emtazi, what the dwarves call humanity (literally: protected or beloved one).

The elorii seldom join the Sanctorum as there is rarely a master of Elder sorcery in any of the chantries to teach them. Those that do join do so for protection against the Harvesters of Ymandragore, to learn of the working of the magic of the younger races, or to forge relations with other practitioners of the arcane.

Social Class: Any

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, Stealth

Tool Proficiencies: Choose one of the following: calligrapher’s supplies or herbalism kit.

Languages: Choose any one language

Literacy: You are literate.

Equipment: A book of arcane lore, notebook with quill and ink, a set of common clothes, and a purse containing 10 gp.

Feature: Safehouse
You know of a handful of secluded or hidden safehouses that the Sanctorum operates, which are scattered across the Known Lands. If in need, you can go to one of these chantries and claim sanctuary. The strength of the Sanctorum’s chantries is in their secrecy, so you must make sure that you do not expose it. Also, if you are captured by a Harvester you must make sure that you do not reveal any of the Sanctorum locations you are aware of.

Sanctorum Personality Traits (d6)

1 I try to avoid using magic for small things. There’s no need to risk detection.
2 I always keep my back to a wall or something solid.
3 I have a coin or trinket from my parents that I always play with when I am reading.
4 I find the feeling of channeling arcane energy intoxicating. I use my magic for even the smallest things, but this forces me to constantly be on the lookout for Ymandrake spies.
5 When I do have the chance to let loose with my magic, I savor the moment.
6 I am always seeking the next new arcane secret or book of lore.

Sanctorum Ideals (d6)

1 Security: No one should have to fear the SorcererKing or his Harvesters.
2 Revenge: Every arcane spellcaster lost to the Harvesters will be avenged.
3 Power: With enough magical might, I can rule my own kingdom, benevolently, of course.
4 Freedom: Every arcane spellcaster should be free to show themselves to the world.
5 Devotion: I will guard the sorcerers of the world until my last breath.
6 Knowledge: There are new spells and secrets out there, just waiting to be found.

Sanctorum Bonds (d6)

1 I lost a friend to the Harvesters and I make any that cross my path pay for it.
2 My friend is a sorcerer and I will do all I can to keep them safe.
3 The arcane masters during the age of the Imperium of Man could invoke amazing rituals, the likes of which haven’t been seen since then. I must try to rediscover these ancient techniques.
4 I have a book of arcane knowledge, given to me by my master, that I am still trying to understand.
5 I owe my life to the Sanctorum and I will fight to protect it.
6 A sorcerer saved my life once and I want to find them, so I can return the favor.

Sanctorum Flaws (d6)

1 I hate using my magic in secret. I get careless and flashy.
2 When I forget, I sometimes make small objects appear and disappear.
3 I trust no one, even other sorcerers. Harvesters are sorcerers too, after all.
4 I am constantly afraid, and I try to hide it with boasts and wit.
5 I use hedonistic pleasures to forget the horrors I have seen.
6 If the situation doesn’t call for figuring out a complex arcane secret, I get bored.