1st-level enchantment (ritual)
Secret Spell: Faithful of Sarish or val’Mehan
Casting Time: 10 minutes
Range: Touch
Components: V, M (a contract, sealing wax and a signet ring or stamp) Duration: Instantaneous

With this spell, you place a magical seal upon a contract that you touch.

Once sealed, all parties to the contract must follow the contract to the best of their ability. If any party violates the contract (GM’s discretion), that individual immediately suffers the Curse of the Oath Breaker (see Sidebar, right).

Contracts can range from the simple to the complex, but they must contain terms and conditions that can be reasonably met (GM’s discretion). For a contract to be binding, several conditions must be met.

First, all parties to the contract must be willing participants. Second, all parties to the contract must be able to understand each other and the terms of the contract. Third, all parties to the contract must be present for the casting of this spell. Finally, all parties to the contract must agree to all terms of the contract.

The seal fades away completely from the contract with a touch and an act of will, if you have the verbal agreement of all parties to the contract.

This ends the spell. The spell also ends when the contract is fulfilled.

If the parties involved make a good faith effort but there simply is no way to complete the contract, a symbol of Sarish appears on the forehead of the parties to the contract. This symbol is visible only to a Sarishan Sorcerer-Priest or val’Mehan.

Curse of the Oath Breaker

The first time the creature disobeys the contract they are given a friendly reminder. They must make a Wisdom saving throw or suffer 1d10 psychic damage. If this damage would kill the creature it knocks them unconscious instead. The next day, if the creature is still working in violation of the contract they suffer 1 level of exhaustion and will continue to gain levels of exhaustion each day, to a maximum of 3 levels, until they are in accordance with the contract.

These levels of exhaustion cannot be healed or recovered unless the creature actively resumes obeying the conditions of the contract; doing so removes all levels of exhaustion within 24 hours.

If the contact is broken in a way that cannot be rectified, the creature in question retains all 3 levels of exhaustion permanently. These levels of exhaustion can only be eliminated with the removal of the curse. The curse can only be removed by the caster of the original Sarishan oath spell that sealed the contract. Rumors exist of a heretical cult known as the Oath Breakers, who might be able to remove the curse as well.