Welcome to the Arcanis, the Shattered Empires!

Arcanis, like many other fantasy RPG settings, embraces certain fantasy tropes common to many other games and novels; various human and non-human sentient races, gods that make their presence known in some manner, whether actually manifesting or granting their followers powers or “gifts”, ancient crypts and ruins filled with treasure guarded by creatures borne out of nightmare and of course, magic.

Arcanis takes many of these tropes and gives them a unique twist. The dwarves were once Celestial Giants that once transgressed against the Gods and were cursed to their smaller stature and forced to live underground. Our “elves”, known as elorii, were created as a servitor race, infused with elemental energy to serve their merciless master, the reptilian Ssethric race. Gnomes are twisted and malformed, a result of a union between a dwarf and a human, and so on.

Rather than the standard “good” and “evil” deities, there is the Pantheon of Man, a group of twelve immensely powerful divine beings who are beyond the concept of good and evil; each with a number of different aspects that are revered by the various churches in the Known Lands. It is in the manner, as well as which aspects these temples worship the Gods that the concept of good and evil are finally distilled. Of course, it all depends on your point of view. No one considers themselves the villains in their own mind.

Which leads to another feature of the game; There are no perfect heroes or completely despicable villains. Much as in our own world, everyone lies on a spectrum somewhere between the two extremes; in essence, some shade of gray.

While you will find your characters (the Heroes) involved in epic and world shaping events, battling malevolent creatures and foul, inhuman agencies, more often than not, your adversary will be quite human. Not the black hearted knave who carves out orphans’ hearts for fun type of adversary, but someone who believes in their goal and will do anything to achieve them. It just so happens, that goal is act cross-purposes with yours or your patron. You may even sympathize with them once you learn their story and that’s when the true fun begins: is your cause as just or more so than theirs? How well do your convictions hold up in light of the opposition’s side of the story? You may find that you do stand on the side of angels and have no doubt as to the righteousness of your cause, while at other times, doubt begins to stir behind your words and you quietly ask yourself, “Are we working for the right person or doing the right thing? Of course, not every adventure is (or needs to be) an angst fueled slug-fest. Many times the adventures are straight forward, where things are exactly as they appear to be, but in the back of your mind you hear the stirrings of uncertainty and a whisper that says, “This is Arcanis. Are you sure?” While the world of Arcanis, and in fact the continent of Onara, is immense, you’ll start your adventures in an area called the Known Lands, which encompasses the Coryani Empire and many of its breakaway provinces, the dwarven enclaves, the Bright Nations of the Elorii, the Blessed Lands, and other regions filled with exotic mysteries and epic adventure.

Prepare to leave your mark upon the Shattered Empires!