“I was smuggling goods into the Censure a couple of years back. Someone had tipped off the authorities, so they stopped me and went through every saddle bag, checked under every blanket, even checked the horse’s shoes, but they couldn’t find anything. Everything was legitimate trade goods, so they eventually let me through. I definitely pulled one over on them.”

“Really? What were you smuggling?”

“The horses.”

Nationality: Any

Race: Any

Social Class: Commoner class

Tool Proficiency: Forgery kit

Languages: One language of your choice from any nation

Literacy: You are literate

Equipment: A set of common clothes, backpack or large sack, forgery kit, 10 gp

Feature: Shadow Ways
You know the ways in and out of any city you have called home for more than a month. While finding a quick way in or out of an unfamiliar city may take you some time, bribes, and good old fashion foot work, it is well within your ability to do so.

Smuggler Personality Traits (d6)

1 I’m always looking to gain the upper hand in any interaction.
2 Seeing something out of place will annoy me until its been set right.
3 No matter what the situation, I’ve always got a plan!
4 I tend to wear drab and unassuming clothing. It’s best not to stick in people’s minds.
5 I can’t pass up a game of chance.
6 I don’t ever kill when plying my trade. If you must resort to bloodshed, you’re a thug, not a smuggler.

Smuggler Ideals (d6)

1 Adaptive: Not everything goes as planned and when it doesn’t, I need to think quickly.
2 Poker Face: I could have just stolen the king’s crown, but you could never tell by looking at me.
3 Nerves of Steel: The Watch can smell fear. I’m always at my calmest while plying my trade.
4 Clever: By now, the authorities have seen every trick in the book. To succeed, I need to always come up with new ways to get contraband past them.
5 Strategist: The authorities are not the only ones I must contend with; other groups vie against me, requiring a certain about of strategy on my part to best them all.
6 Perceptive: Sometimes, it’s the little things that will trip you up. I make sure I keep my eye on everything.

Smuggler Bonds (d6)

1 I learned how to smuggle artifacts from the catacombs of the First City from Maximetos of the Followers of the Azure Way.
2 Growing up in the Pearl, you learn the art of bringing in goods under the noses of the King of Nothing’s thugs.
3 I’ve been given sanctuary by some of the Andyar chieftains when the authorities got too close. In return for that kindness, I make sure they have what they need to survive.
4 The elorii apothecary will pay good coin for any eloran artifacts discovered in the Uncleansed Area of the First City.
5 I’ve had a couple of run ins with the Grey Fist’s brutes, but the last time, they killed one of my partners. Now, I’m going to expose his or her blackmarket operations.
6 If an item is too hot for local fences, Zhon Dai at the Lady’s Smile in the Khitani District can give fair coin for it and make sure the item disappears from the First City.

Smuggler Flaws (d6)

1 I don’t care if what I’m smuggling hurts others. I’m only interested in the coin.
2 I tend to spend all my coin on wine, women, (or men) and song!
3 I believe the authorities are fools, so my plans are not as well thought-out as they should be.
4 Why settle for a small score, when I can triple my earnings by doubling the load?
5 I only smuggle items that are needed by the people, such as food or medicine.
6 I’m easily distracted, and my mind wanders if I lose interest.