The Abessian Dominion is populated by two distinct peoples: humans and ssethrics. The ancestors of the human citizens were religious refugees from the Myrantian Empire far to the south. These refugees worshipped horrific gods and were persecuted for their heinous religious practices. Fleeing by sea, they traveled north, hoping to find a place beyond the reach of their oppressors. Crossing the Lauriol Sea, the beleaguered exiles went inland and, upon ancient ruins steeped with eldritch energy, founded the city of Myrantis.

Poised under the proverbial heel of the Coryani Empire, the Myrantians of the ancient city of Abessios have waited patiently for their freedom from the imperial yoke of the Coryani. Finally, with the aid of an exiled group of worshippers of ssethric goddess Yig, they achieved the freedom they had longed for – but the Abessians might soon discover that the price they paid for their independence is too high to pay.

After the bloody rebellion, which led to the destruction of the Legion of Radiant Glory, every val’Mordane and val’Mehan within their territory was either routed or executed. From those that led the uprising, one human Myrantian male and a female Yigite yissera, were crowned twin Phaerons of Abessios, and resolved to jointly rule their lands and peoples as equal sovereigns.

Within a few short weeks, the rebellion spread to Abessios’ sister cities of Negath and Sarnen, with equally bloody and successful results. The low-lying lands that made up the rest of the former province of Toranesta was eventually free of Coryani influence for the first time in almost nine-hundred years. Unfortunately, the peaceful integration of the two societies and the good will engendered by the assistance of the Yigites in overthrowing the Coryani has begun to fray at the edges after forty odd years. The reason has to do with the migration of the val’Inares family into the Dominion.