The area known as the Blessed Lands by the Coryani, Chonichu (the Land of Our Ancestors’ Arrival) by the Khitani and the Cursed Lands by many others, was once the seat of power of four powerful empires and considered the birthplace to no less than four of the world’s major religions and their offshoots. It is bounded to the south by the ancient Corlathian Mountains, to the northeast by the immense deciduous forest known as the Vastwood, to the northwest by the Aqtau Mountains and the Fervidus Hills, to the west by the Sea of Lanterns and to the southeast by the citystates of Almeric.

In the days of antiquity when the ssethric and later elorii ruled the area, the Blessed Lands was a lush and fertile area, dominated by a thick forest whose canopy was like a sea that crashed against the mountain range to the south and spilled around the enormous Mount Dagha that competed with the peaks of the Corlathians Mountains.

That thriving ecosystem is no more; it was destroyed during the God’s War when elorii and humanity clashed and a blasphemous eloran ritual known as Kurenthé, the Curse of the Soul, was unleashed, withering the ancient flora, leeching most of the life from the soil, and leaving only a cracked and blackened earth. Centuries of constant attention by Saluwean priestesses managed to revitalize the land to a small degree, but even after millennia it remains a broken land where the few settlements of Andyar villagers huddle around isolated oases and small rivers that flood every spring with the melt off from the Corlathian Mountains.

With the near-total deforestation of the region, the topography, long hidden by the thick forest, is revealed: the entire area is a bowl with two tiers or terraces, the lowest of which is at sea level where it merges with the Sea of Lanterns. The largest tier enjoys a higher elevation, exceeded only by the plateau on top of Mount Dagha, which rises one thousand three hundred and twenty feet above sea level.

Blessed Lands Personality Traits (d6)

1 Trade is the lifeblood of the Blessed Lands and we’re all selling something, whether it be merchandise or information.
2 With the number of different religions and customs I come in contact daily, being tolerant of others is the only way to survive in this region.
3 This land takes more than it gives. You need to be inventive to survive here.
4 Everyone in the region is tolerant of one another, but the only ones you can truly count on are your family, whether they are blood or not. Loyalty to your group is essential if you are going to survive.
5 I rely on others when necessary, but I also like doing things my way.
6 The world flows through this region. It would be a shame to not sample a morsel from each.

Blessed Lands Ideals (d6)

1 Industrious: Unless you’re rich, no one is going to do things for you. You need to work to survive and work harder to get ahead.
2 Stoicism: Life is tough, and people die all the time. You can’t let yourself be overcome by emotions. Mourn and then get on with your life.
3 Strength: The weak die or are enslaved. Only the strong survive in this world.
4 Generosity: Sharing with others who have less is seen as foolhardy by some, but divine by many others.
5 Tenacity: If you get knocked down, you get back up and try again.
6 Warrior’s Heart: Fight for what’s yours, because no one else will.

Blessed Lands Bonds (d6)

1 Countless ancient artifacts are waiting to be found buried beneath the First City.
2 My (relative or friend) was captured by the Chauni and will be sold in a slave auction in the First City unless I save them.
3 All these different religions must hold a germ of truth. I need to separate fact from fiction and piece them together to discover the true face of the gods.
4 The Voei slaughtered my (friends/Family) and nothing will still the pain I feel but taking my revenge upon them.
5 I grew up on the streets of the Pearl where no one cared for me, except for a kind member of the Blood Guard. I’ll do anything I can to join their order.
6 In my previous incarnation, I left a precious heirloom hidden in the tunnels beneath the First City. Finding it could spur further memories I’ve forgotten. (elorii)

Blessed Lands Flaws (d6)

1 I’m surrounded by riches, and I want my share.
2 All these false religions will corrupt the pious. They should all be wiped off the face of Arcanis.
3 The weak should be in chains or dead. There’s not enough food to feed the useless.
4 The Coryani and the Khitani are both invaders on our lands. They should be pushed out so that we may live free from their corrupt civilizations.
5 I love to insult foreigners and then feign ignorance of their customs.
6 I can’t stand to see a sentient being enslaved. I’ll do anything to help them escape.