A series of islands lying off the Bleak Coast of the Hinterlands have a notoriety of being a safe haven for every type of individualist, miscreant, malcontent, deviant and villain even Canceri couldn’t stomach.

Known in the Modern Age as the Pirate Isles, practically every island is claimed by a different group, organization or people, be it the Crimson Slavers of Garundi, the Pirate Stronghold of Magra, the Naori Fire Worshippers, or the Harvesters of Ymandragore. An uneasy peace and even limited trade has sprung up between some of these factions, but the overriding law of the land has been the same for centuries – ‘Stay Out of My Business!’ Adherence to that creed has kept the people from warring upon one another and continued the flow of gold.