Ruled by the three val families through their apparatus of choice, the Church of the Dark Triumvirate, the theocracy is ruled with an iron fist. Outsiders gaze upon it with a mixed measure of trepidation and disgust, seeing only a land ruled by flame worshipping berserkers, necromancers and their armies of undead, and black sorcerers who truck with unclean Infernals. While there is some truth to this, the reality is far more complex.

The lands of Canceri are harsh and unforgiving. Canceri was once the largest Coryani province and, at the same time, its least populated. Arid plains of dry, hard earth and rocky badlands dominate the landscape. Summers on the plains are oppressively hot and winters are bitterly cold. There is precious little to recommend most of the nation as a comfortable place to live.

The faithful are ruled by three val families – the val’Mehan, val’Mordane and val’Virdan. As Canceri is a theocracy, the usual titles of nobility are subsumed by those more indicative of the clergy, such as priest, high priest and apostate.

Northern Canceri is dominated by Nier’s Spine, a rugged mountain range of active volcanoes. Here live the warlike Nierites, the adherents of the god Nier, Lord of War, Destruction and Fire and are ruled by the val’Virdan family.

The south of Canceri, a desolate land dominated by the Cold Plains, an unforgiving landscape with extremely limited agricultural potential. This is the land of the Nerothians, a grim and humorless people, who are ruled by the equally grim val’Mordane. The priests of this region pay homage to Neroth, the God of the dead and the Risen. Sentient undead are the Blessed of Neroth, those who have been granted life beyond life at the cost of never entering the heavenly Paradise of the Gods. Intelligent undead are beings of pure intellect, as their souls are destroyed as the catalyst that raises the dead back to a semblance of life.

Central and eastern Canceri are the most hospitable regions, where the Tenges and Niechau rivers provide ample water for agriculture and help temper the climate. This is the home of the urbane val’Mehan family who worship Sarish, the God of the Arcane, Oaths and Binder of Infernals. Outwardly the most friendly and accommodating group of Cancerimen, their civil discourse and pleasant manner conceal a deadly wit and calculating nature.