For over a millennium, the northern portion of Onara has been locked away from the rest of the Known Lands by the Godswall. This chain of mountains was raised a thousand years ago, protected by a number of arcane wards, isolating this land from all the southern lands of the continent.

However, prior to them being a place for horrors worse than a fevered mind can imagine, the region was the home of giants. It is from here that the celestial giants enslaved the lesser of their kind and created items both wondrous and terrifying.

The Haina Empire: The Haina Empire is the only region in the Unsealed Lands where humanity reigns freely.

Originally settled many, many years before the coming of the infernals and the raising of the Wall, Haina is populated by Khitani citizens. The territory that is now controlled by Haina was once a far-flung corner of the Khitani Empire, consisting of nothing more than villages and farmland.

Bastion: Bastion is a unique city in the Unsealed Lands; a sacred place in profane lands. This is due to the Fallen Valinor, Xabal, The Patience of Sarish. Xabal had originally been instructed to observe, not interfere, and ensure that the wily and crafty infernals did not find a way to escape Illiir’s Judgment. But along with the vile infernals were innocent humans – humans that were playthings for their unholy and despicable amusement.

At first, Xabal did as commanded and did not intervene, but the more he observed, the more difficult it was to remain passive. Finally, he could take it no more; the Patience of Sarish had run out of patience. In a moment of weakness, he obliterated every single infernal within the city of Tuvulem. Then, resigned to his fate, he led the surviving humans in rebuilding the ancient Auxunite city back into the original fortress it was.

A word of caution – so great is Xabal’s hatred of the Infernal that anyone with the Taint, including tieflings, are killed on sight, as mercifully as possible, of course. Thus, tieflings, and even certain Sarishan holy champions, are warned to think twice before entering the city of Bastion.

The Riders: The Riders are a tribe of Yhing hir who were on the wrong side when the Wall of the Gods rose. Since that time, they have kept to their nomadic way of life, recruiting new blood from the scattered villages of humans that dot the region.