You grew up on the streets, learning to steal from merchants to eat or consider manual labor or working for another beneath you. You were meant for a life of luxury, if only you’d been born rich. You may be a rich noble who has turned to thievery for entertainment. Regardless, as an adult, you choose to live off what you could take from others without force, and hopefully without getting caught.

Nationality: Any

Races: Any

Social Class: Any

Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Stealth

Tool Proficiencies: One type of gaming set, thieves’ tools

Languages: Low Coryani

Literacy: You are not literate, unless you are noble born Equipment: Common set of dark clothing, cloak with a hood, set of thieves’ tools, 15 gp.

Feature: Friends in Low places
Although you may have left the life behind, you easily fit among your fellow criminals. When in a new city it may take you a few days to figure out the local power structure, but you will eventually be able to find shelter from the law.

Your friends are criminals however, and while they will not risk their lives for you, they will lie and cheat to keep you out of the hands of the authorities.

Vagabond Traits (d6)

1 When I walk into any situation, I always look for the exits, and always have an escape plan.
2 When I meet new people I instantly size them up and determine whether they are an easy mark.
3 Everyone is an asset, and I try to manipulate people into trusting me.
4 I’m disturbingly calm, regardless of the situation, I keep my cool.
5 I never go in with a plan, I live in the moment and make decisions on the fly.
6 I love to hurt people, just give me a reason.

Vagabond Ideals (d6)

1 Honor among thieves: I never steal from my fellows.
2 Loyalty: I am fiercely loyal to my friends, as they are my real family. Anyone who messes with them will find themselves on the business end of a dagger.
3 Greed: You will do anything in the pursuit of coin.
4 Independence: You work better on your own; the less people to worry about, the better.
5 Redemption: You seek to find the good in the world. You have seen enough of the bad to last several lifetimes.
6 Charity: You take from the rich to give to the poor, and keep a little for yourself, of course.

Vagabond Bonds (d6)

1 I owe a huge debt to someone who has no issue making an example out of me.
2 I seek to collect enough wealth, so I can get out of this life and live comfortably someplace else.
3 My reputation is everything, so I give my word sparingly.
4 Someday bards will sing of my exploits, I will be known as one the greats.
5 To me each heist is a work of art… but I have yet to find my masterpiece.
6 I’m on the run, ever since I committed a terrible crime. Maybe someday I can set things right.

Vagabond Flaws (d6)

1 I’m weak willed, my love of coin leaves me vulnerable to manipulation.
2 I’m a coward. If fight breaks out, I don’t take unnecessary risks.
3 I take unnecessary risks for the rush of it. I live for the moment!
4 I simply don’t trust people, everyone is out for themselves, and so am I.
5 I seek the most direct route to take care of a problem, even if it ends in hiding a few bodies.
6 People are expendable. If someone gets hurt because they got in the way, their loss.