Arcanis is a world rife with conflict; races, nations, and even religions find themselves, from time to time, at each other’s throats over matters of consequence or puerile in nature.

Whatever the reasons, people will often find themselves fighting for a cause, hopefully, one they believe in, but more often not one they even fully understand. Nevertheless, men and women of all stripes of life have taken arms and battled one another to the death since the dawn of time.

You are a veteran, one who has fought, bravely or otherwise, for your nation or people, and lived to tell the tale.

Social Class: Any

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Intimidation

Weapon Proficiencies: One weapon of your choice

Languages: Choose a language

Literacy: You are not literate.

Equipment: An insignia of rank, a trophy from a past campaign, a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp.

Feature: Friends in the Ranks
Regardless of where you served, you can always find the tavern where the soldiers drink and gamble while on leave.
You can find the barracks or military installations in any city or outpost and can make a reasonable guess as to the command structure of the same military organization you belonged.

Variant: Former Altherian Marksman

You served for a time as one of the famed snipers of Altheria and though you mustered out of the service, you know that as an Altherian, you are never really discharged from the Shining Patrol.

Nationality: Republic of Altheria

Race: Human (Altherian), val (val’Abebi).

Skill Proficiencies: Replace Intimidation with Perception

Weapon Proficiency: You must choose a Heavy Crossbow as your weapon proficiency

Literacy: You are literate.

Equipment: Add a Heavy crossbow & 20 Crossbow Bolts to your starting gear

Variant: Former Legionnaire

Once a legionnaire, always a legionnaire! You served your time, saw the world, saved the Empire a time or two, and are now a free to leave your mark upon the Known Lands. Pax Coryani!

Nationality: Coryani Empire, or the Free City-States of Almeric

Race: Human, tiefling, val

Weapon Proficiency: You must choose gladius for your weapon proficiency

Special: Choose your legion; you have been tattooed with its symbol.

Feature: Honored Veteran
You served in the eventually successful crusade against the fiendish forces from beyond the god wall. Common folk in Milandir who see your pin will treat you with respect, and even offer food or a place to rest. While solders will also treat you with respect, seeing you as an equal.

Variant: Former Royal Marine

Milandir prides itself on its navy; their ships being powerful enough to face down the black ships of Ymandragore (at least defensively), or chase down the pirates that infest their seas. You are proud to count yourself among those that manned their decks.

Nationality: Kingdom of Milandir

Race: Human, ss’ressen, tiefling, val

Weapon Proficiency: You must choose either the trident or the cutlass for your weapon proficiency.

Feature: Quick Doff
In an emergency, you know how to quickly remove your armor by cutting straps. If you have access to a dagger, you may doff your armor in 1 action, but the armor will require repair equal to half its base cost before it is usable again.

You can call upon the benefits of your military service despite having left the navy. Other soldiers from Milandir, active or not, will help you as best they are able.

Variant: Mercenary

You have fought under many flags and under the leadership of different commanders. In many ways, coin is the only thing capable of holding your allegiance and, sadly, it has become your only master.

Skill Proficiencies: Replace Intimidation with Insight

Feature: Professional Consideration
Mercenaries enjoy a strange professional courtesy from their fellows on the streets, considering they spend their lives trying to kill each other on the battlefield. Other mercenaries will try to avoid interfering in your business, as long as it doesn’t conflict with their current job. Even with such a conflict, they will try to interpret their contract as favorably as possible to your benefit.

Variant: The Red Dragoons

An elite force, the Red Dragoons are the first line of defense the League of Princes has against the savage gar tribes and other humanoids of Uggur. Though they can be seen patrolling anywhere in the Western Lands, a large contingent of the Red Dragoons is stationed at Fort Tyroch, an old mountain fort located in western Pajharo. Many veterans still wear their red lacquered breastplates and open-faced dragon helms proudly, years after they have mustered out.

Nationality: League of Princes

Literacy: You are not literate.

Feature: Veteran of the Red Dragoons
After years fighting off incursions from the savage gar, you’ve gathered enough information on how they fight, think, and move. Many of your fallen comrades failed to learn those lessons in time. Additionally, due to your time fighting the gar you may make Intelligence checks to recall information about gar and information about their various tribes.

Variant: Solider of Retribution

Elorii were literally born to be warriors, but as the ages have passed, some of the Eternal People have turned their efforts into mastering other skills. Not you. You have spent more time than most turning war into an art form. And for an immortal race, that is a considerable amount of time indeed.

Nationality: Elonbé

Race: Elorii

Skill Proficiencies: Replace Intimidation with Nature

Literacy: You are literate.

Feature: Inspiring Figure
Elorii see you as a model of focus and dedication to the survival of your people and are more likely to aid you in your mission as best as they can. Some may even be willing to take extreme risks if you are directly working for the betterment of the Eternal People.

Variant: Tunnel Fighter

Given their underground cities, the dwarven armies are trained in fighting in close quarters against the myriad of monstrosities from the Endless Dark. Many do not return and all of the dwarven societies honor their soldiers for their bravery and devotion to the enclave.

Nationality: Any Dwarven Enclave

Race: Dwarf

Skill Proficiencies: Replace Intimidation with Survival

Literacy: You are literate.

Feature: Delver of the Endless Dark
You’ve spent decades patrolling the numerous tunnels, caverns and wonders of the Endless Dark, fighting off creatures that would test the courage of any being. Besides surviving and learning how to defend yourself, you’ve accumulated some knowledge on not just the inhabitants that live in this rocky womb, but of the Endless Dark itself.
Additionally, due to your time fighting the gar you may make Intelligence checks to recall about the inhabitants or recall information about the Endless Dark, the seemingly limitless network of tunnels that lie just beneath the surface of the world.

Variant: Veteran of the Wall

For years without number, the lands north of the Hinterlands were known as the Sealed Lands. A great range of mountains, called the Godswall, separated the rest of the Known Lands from the throngs of infernals who came to this Mortal Realm during the Time of Terror. This Godswall stood for centuries, until the reign of Calcestus val’Assante. In his pride and arrogance, Calcestus is said to have offended the Gods so that they removed their divine protection and the impassable range fell and the Sealed Lands were sealed no longer.
After throwing back the initial horde at the cost of many thousands of lives, the nations of the Known Lands knew that something needed to be done. Unable to agree on any one course of action, the dwarven king of Tir Betoq decided on a solution for them. To a dwarf, they moved their entire enclave north and began constructing a giant wall to keep the infernal trapped on their side of the now smaller mountain range that was once the Godswall. Since they are relatively few in number, the dwarves cannot man the wall entirely on their own. You are one of the few who have stood watch on the massive rampart and helped repel endless incursions of foul creatures. Very few have the fortitude to stand guard there for too long. You have done your duty and now it’s time to refresh your soul before you become corrupted by the infernal taint.

Race: Any, except tiefling are not able to take this background due to the intense hatred the Tir Betoqi have towards all thing that carry the infernal taint.

Skill Proficiencies: Replace Intimidation with Arcana

Feature: Stalwart Figure
Tir Betoqi dwarves are impressed by your service and are likely to aid you to the best of their ability. Additionally, you are familiar with the abilities of common infernals. You usually know the resistances, vulnerabilities, immunities and most common tactics of any infernal of CR 3 or lower.

Variant: Watchman

As a member of the local watch, you acted as part guard, part law enforcement and part negotiator. Those above your captain didn’t care about the law; they just expected results.
If the coins, grain or other resources flowed, you were left alone.

Social Class: Commoner class

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Perception

Veteran Personality Traits (d6)

1 I have seen things that I can never forget; violence and horror haunt my dreams.
2 I have lost many comrades in arms and I don’t want to lose any more friends.
3 My campsite is always in crisp, military order. Nothing is out of place.
4 I have a crude sense of humor and a foul mouth, but a heart of gold.
5 I tend to bash things that I don’t understand. Violence is a good solution to a lot of problems.
6 Keeping my mouth shut and eyes open is what kept me alive during my stint. That’s one rule that was drilled into me that I’ll never forget.

Veteran Ideals (d6)

1 Respect: Orders should be followed because of trust and loyalty, both of which must be earned.
2 People: My comrades keep me safe in the field and I would die for them.
3 Patriotism: My nation is what I fight and die for.
4 Peace: I’ve done a lot of killing in my time and I’d like to find other ways to solve problems.
5 Might: The whole of war is making sure the other soldier dies before you do.
6 Order: A good soldier follows commands promptly and efficiently.

Veteran Bonds (d6)

1 I don’t leave people behind.
2 I offer mercy to fallen foes, hoping for the same in return.
3 I will do anything for fellow members of my military organization.
4 My commanding officer made me who I am and I will never forget that.
5 I want to find a way to end the fighting, so that my friends still in service can come home.
6 I am between tours of duty, just keeping my skills razor sharp so that I can be ready when I am called to serve again.

Veteran Flaws (d6)

1 I cannot respect anyone who hasn’t proven themselves on the field of battle.
2 I never got over my fear of the monstrous foes I faced. It haunts me to this day.
3 I follow orders blindly, without questioning their merit.
4 I have a vice, be it drink or pleasures of the flesh, that I use to help myself cope with all the blood and death.
5 Once I draw my weapons, I want to see them bloodied.
6 I cannot ignore a challenge to prove my mettle.