Ymandragore - one can hardly utter the word without muttering the Sorcerer-King in the same breath, so intertwined are the two concepts in the minds of the people of the Known Lands.
Utter those words to any continental, and a visible shiver seems to take them as they hunch their shoulders and speak in conspiratorial tones. Invariably, they will whisper horrific tales of an isle populated by dread magi under the tutelage of the self-appointed Sorcerer-King, enacting barbaric rituals and the blackest of magics. They will speak of a group called the Harvesters that scour the mainland for any and all people who have the “Gift”, the ability to wield arcane power.

The most learned of them will tell how the Sorcerer-King unleashed the greatest scourge Arcanis has ever known, the Time of Terror. Like all parables, a germ of truth lies within, but Ymandragore is so much more.